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We’re here to give a home to practical spirituality books of all genres. We host online resources, links to purchase our books, and pathways for further exploration. You are welcome to browse our books, and see what sparks your curiosity.

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Making spirituality a religion

I get it. A nondual (or other spiritual) exploration can be engaging, Feeling at peace with ourselves, our lives, our relationships, our world…is naturally enticing. And when a teacher seems to be great at articulating the route to peace, then it makes sense to pause and listen. But, here’s the thing. That teacher is

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The Complete Book of Awakening

We are embarking on a journey together to explore awakening: the foundations of stable, secure, sustainable wellbeing in life. Happiness, in other words.

This book is for you whatever your experience of awakening – whether you are totally new, mildly curious, frustrated that the glimpses you’ve seen are fleeting, or you want to settle further into an established understanding. There’s always something new to see, or a new articulation of what’s already been seen.


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