A Musing on the Topic of Shadow

Later today, the moon moves itself into the earth's shadow, causing a lunar eclipse.

And that gave me a new perspective on 'shadow'.

Shadow isn't something I OWN. It's not my weakness, my secret, my pain, my longing.

It's something that falls across me. turning weakness to weapon, secret to shame, pain to pressure, longing into limitation.

It's something I move into. And, with time and natural flow, move out of.

Of course, I'm accountable for what I do in shadow, because it's the murkiness I hold in my wounds that are stirred up.

So, I pay attention to healing. To finding a way of being where the shadow no longer triggers that murkiness.

Which means bringing those wounds into the light. Choosing to feel all of it. Releasing everything that keeps them murky. Recognising them as the old friends they are. Not needing them to be other.

When the shadow falls on a clean wound, the pain is raw and the grief is real. But now the shadow finds no murky depths to stir up.

With Love, Sara

  • Sara Priestley
    These days I hang out with my little cat colony, drink a lot of coffee, help clients solve life problems, support people who have been hurt by cult-like groups, host my local poetry society’s online gatherings, read, write, teach nonduality, and play with this expanded understanding of who we are and how it shows up. And it’s so simple. But simple doesn’t always come easy when we have a lifetime of conditioning on top. So, I’m here to help you uncover that simplicity, and reconnect with life.

    You can find me at

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