Sara Priestley

Spiritual Bypassing Made Easy

Spiritual bypassing is prevalent in psycho-spiritual personal development communities. Which is understandable. Most people find themselves in this terrain because they want to feel better.

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Do Words Matter?

Here’s a question for today, do words matter? I’ve been told before that the words don’t matter, silence is the best teacher. But I promise

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Sometimes, I’m speechless. Which might seem odd for a writer and teacher – words are my job. There are three main reasons for this: One:My

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Being fooled does not make you a fool. Reflect back on some time you were fooled by a prank, or tapped a stranger on the

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Trust Your Gut

One of the things about a nondual understanding is the simple, logical, practicality of it. You gain a guiding principle for navigating – a compass

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Flow can seem like the Scarlet Pimpernel of awakening, always just around the corner, an evasive freedom. But actually most of us hit flow multiple

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When I started learning to drive, the teacher showed me how to keep myself the right distance from the kerb by using a certain point

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Inertia: continuing in an existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. One

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