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The other day in the Thoughtful Raven Members Room call we were talking about boundaries. Which might sound farcical to you, especially if you arrived

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You Don’t Need a Coach

“I don’t need your support,” said a client recently. And I couldn’t agree more. They, and you don’t need a coach. You don’t need to

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I’m Home!

It’s funny how life flings up metaphors.   I’ve been away for a few days. And however good the experience, it’s not ‘home’. All day

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Life After Death

It’s Friday, and it’s my chance to share my favourite video on life after death: What Happens When You Die? {The Kloons}. It’s very funny

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Why Nonduality?

This is one of the most common questions I’m asked, especially by people with experience in the more mainstream fields of self-help and personal development.

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