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Our blog is a space to share updates on what is going on here at Thoughtful Raven, a glimpse into our community, and occasional guest blog posts on topics close to our heart. 

We encourage anyone with insights, questions or comments to bring them over to our (very reasonably priced) community, where we can engage in conversation. Community members are also invited to share their own original blog posts.

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Do you want to write a book?

Y'know those things that you find so easy, that you just kinda assume you are 'average' at?

Or maybe you don't know, because you haven't probed those things?

Whilst humility is all well and good, this undervaluing of a skill or talent often leads us to be bad at sharing it.

This can show up as:

  • not speak out, because we think everyone sees the thing we see and we don't think we have anything worth saying
  • missing out vital steps in an explanation, because we think they are obvious
  • loading the unsuspecting listener/reader with ALL THE WORDS, because we want to give value - and completely overwhleming them in the process.

I do all of them. Though less than I used to. And the third one I do sometimes use deliberately, in context, to help break through a very solid toxic belief pattern.

All of this is why book authoring is a healing/evolutionary process, even more than writing.

The people on the Birth Your Book programme are growing in appreciation of themselves and what they have to offer. They are healing the desire to hold back, to constrict, to overshare.

They continue to find their way in genuine self-expression, but now very much *for* their reader. With a respect for where their reader is at. And an acknowledgement of the power they have to use their knowledge, experience, skills and talents in a way that supports their reader.

I continue to be impressed by how willing they are to explore the uncomfortable in order to make these books the best of their kind. And I'm glad to be there to support them - I work hard to bring the right support forward, in recognition of the support I had for my first two books.

I'm not here to critique writing or teach creativity - they all have that in abundance. I'm simply providing the structure and support to move through all the things that stop people with something to share from sharing it as a book. Creating the programme continues to be an exercise for me in delivering what is right for them!

The beauty of the programme is that you can go at your own pace (though I think nine months is very reasonable), you can prioritse different elements (like an online course, a card deck, a workbook), and you can start any time.

If you have a book in you, and you've never quite got it into print, maybe now is the time?

Love Sara


photo credit me, with my grandfather's tyewriter, before I gave it to someone who will use and appreciate it.

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