The Complete Book of Awakening

Coming Soon... The Complete Book of Awakening

The thing about awakening is that it’s a personal journey. No one can wake you up, but you. Yet in all the noise and chaos, that’s not the easiest thing to work out. The Complete Book of Awakening puts the control back in you hands, and offers a springboard into awakening.

Helen and Sara are both experienced guides in this field. They both have an innate understanding of how to bring the classic teaching to a modern audience in a simple, clear, modern, scientific way. They support your own exploration , at your pace, in a series of elegant experiments that turn mainstream assumptions on their head.

quintessence: the poetry of true nature

quintessence book cover

Published by River Grove, quintessence offers poetic musings on an exploration of the essence of being.

 These poems speak to anyone interested in delving into the nature to life.