The Complete Book of Awakening

We are embarking on a journey together to explore awakening: the foundations of stable, secure, sustainable wellbeing in life. Happiness, in other words.

This book is for you whatever your experience of awakening – whether you are totally new, mildly curious, frustrated that the glimpses you’ve seen are fleeting, or you want to settle further into an established understanding. There’s always something new to see, or a new articulation of what’s already been seen.

From the Heart: Explorations in True Nature and Unconditional Love

Join psychotherapist and coach Nicola Drew and 45 colleagues as they explore the deeper aspects of being a human. Insights are revealed as each contributor explores two questions:

* What would you like the world to know about true nature and unconditional love? and

* How has this deeper seeing changed your world?

Contributors include Michael Neill, Dr Jack Pransky, Jamie Smart, Dr Rita Shuford, Clare Dimond and, of course, Thoughtful Raven’s Helen Amery and Sara Priestley.

Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Heart Link Children’s Charity

quintessence: the poetry of true nature

In quintessence: the poetry of true nature, author and teacher Sara Priestley reflects on her early explorations of nonduality. She moves through story, emotion, and inner dialogue to reach a fuller recognition of the abundance of being.

You’ll find profound truths penned with clarity, lightness, and simplicity as you share in her experiences, poem by poem.

Originally published by River Grove, this new edition of quintessence offers a more legible font and updated layout.