How Do We Get to Here?

A question that comes up for us on podcasts all the time is, "How did you get to here?" And it briefly makes me wish I had a way more glamorous story. Mostly though, I'm glad for the weird and wonderful way life unfolds.

More than the story, what does intrigue me is our motivations. What means that we get involved, rather than strolling or scrolling past?

For me there was a simple fascination of a deeper truth that could explain what I knew I knew, but didn't know what I knew. And then the dogged determination to find someone, anyone, who could actually articulate it. And finally the willingness to talk about it.

What about you? What motivated you? And does the same thing motivate you now?

With Love, Sara

  • Sara Priestley
    Sara says: “These days I hang out with my little cat colony, drink a lot of coffee, help clients solve life problems, support people who have been hurt by cult-like groups, guide writers through publishing their own books, learn Tagalog, teach nonduality, work with the Association for Spiritual Integrity, and play with how this expanded understanding of reality shows up in all of life and beyond.
    It is simple. But simple doesn’t always come easy when we have a lifetime of conditioning on top. I’m here to help you uncover that simplicity and reconnect with all of who you are.”

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