I’m Spiritual Not Religious

There is a kind of funny thing, where many people who say that phrase, "I'm spiritual, not religious," are more religious than people who know they are religious.

But when we wrote TCBOA, it was important to us to keep the spirituality of ancient traditions without getting caught up in the religious aspects.

So, I found this funny little video that might tingle a few trigger points. (Sorry for the bad language.) Sometimes it's good to laugh at ourselves.

What do you think?

With Love, Sara

  • Sara Priestley
    These days I hang out with my little cat colony, drink a lot of coffee, help clients solve life problems, support people who have been hurt by cult-like groups, host my local poetry society’s online gatherings, read, write, teach nonduality, and play with this expanded understanding of who we are and how it shows up. And it’s so simple. But simple doesn’t always come easy when we have a lifetime of conditioning on top. So, I’m here to help you uncover that simplicity, and reconnect with life.

    You can find me at

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