Podcast: Quality of Mind with Piers Thurston

The Complete Book of Awakening
Talking to the authors.

Show Notes:

This podcast series explores a game-changing understanding of the human mind that operates ”before psychology” – that can exponentially increase the performance, resourcefulness and well-being for any individual or organisation.

Piers chats with the authors of a new wonderfully helpful book on the subject of exploring Non Duality (which forms the foundation of Quality of Mind). Helen Amery the co-author, has been a regular on the show  and she is joined by Sara Priestley to discuss how they developed ‘The Complete Book of Awakening’.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the book – The Complete Book of Awakening – came about
  • Why the book is called “Complete”
  • The definition of awakening
  • Who the book is for  -Why this isn’t a book to ‘read for gist’
  • Why the book removes all spiritual dogma and paradox
  • Why direct inquiry and logic are a powerful combination
  • The three levels of experience and putting them in their right order
  • Why our conceptual labels don’t reflect reality
  • Why resistance arises during an awakening inquiry and why that’s OK
  • Why this inquiry is your own – you have to see it for yourself – and why the outcome isn’t a life floating in bliss as many imagine it to be
  • Why goals of a nicer life must be put secondary to seeing your essential nature
  • How do you know if you’ve recognsied your essential nature – awakened?
  • Why awakening results in the behaviour changes that we usually ‘try’ to make happen in business

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