quintessence comes to Thoughtful Raven

We’re pleased to announce that quintessence: the poetry of true nature (Sara’s first book) has come home to the Thoughtful Raven nest.

The second edition includes re-typesetting in a hyper legible font, and some reclaiming of language changes made to appease the first edition publisher. 

The poems of quintessence describe a journey through nondual teachings, exploring how to articulate something felt. They are raw and unpolished – which added to the accessibility. 

One of the most amazingly consistent pieces of feedback is that the gentleness of the words have opened up a sense of possibility for people who had been feeling without hope. Oh, and one poem was even read as part of a recent wedding ceremony.

The book is available in the first edition direct from Sara, or worldwide via Amazon in the second edition. At a time when everything is going up, the change of publisher has even allowed us to reduce the price of the book!

Find out more on the book page.

Here’s one of the poems, newly edited for the second edition:

  • Sara Priestley
    Sara says: “These days I hang out with my little cat colony, drink a lot of coffee, help clients solve life problems, support people who have been hurt by cult-like groups, guide writers through publishing their own books, learn Tagalog, teach nonduality, work with the Association for Spiritual Integrity, and play with how this expanded understanding of reality shows up in all of life and beyond.
    It is simple. But simple doesn’t always come easy when we have a lifetime of conditioning on top. I’m here to help you uncover that simplicity and reconnect with all of who you are.”

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