The Complete Book of Awakening


The experiential guide to making awakening real.

We are embarking on a journey together to explore awakening: the foundations of stable, secure, sustainable wellbeing in life. Happiness, in other words.

This book is for you whatever your experience of awakening – whether you are totally new, mildly curious, frustrated that the glimpses you’ve seen are fleeting, or you want to settle further into an established understanding. There’s always something new to see, or a new articulation of what’s already been seen.
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Realising Awakening

More than your average Book Group! Realising Awakening is a 12-week live and interactive workshop with the authors, putting the power of self-realisation back in your hands.

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Self-Study: Self-Paced Exploration

Our Self-Study course is a self-paced exploration that you can join any time. There are videos , FAQs, downloads and journal prompts to support you. And there’s space to ask questions in the course room, and to see previous questions and answers.

Momentum Builder

Our special Momentum Builder for Awakening is a short course to accelerate your exploration. With new material and a simple structure, it’s a great place to start – or go deeper! Become a member of our Thoughtful Raven Community, and have it included for free.

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Introducing Our Exploration Journal

The ideal companion for TCBOA.

Our Exploration Journal is structured in the same way as our self-study course and the Realising Awakening book group.

All the questions from our explorations are there, with extra prompts, and lots of space to note insights and some cute watermarks to doodle around as you reflect.

The Exploration Journal is available via Amazon worldwide, using this formula: “https:.//” [country domain] “/dp/product/B0BLR6T8YH”

The Thoughtful Raven Community hosts bi-weekly zoom meet-ups, offers free access or discounts for many courses, and has a place to chat with Helen, Sara & like-minded explorers.

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Author's Note

When we started writing at the beginning of 2022, the working title was ‘The Little Book of Awakening’. But it turned out to not be so little. For which we make no apology – the completeness of the book is a vital contribution to the journey we are embarking on together. We’re exploring the foundations of stable, secure happiness, and we didn’t want to leave anything out.

Awakening, put most simply, is the recognition of infinite, eternal awareness as our true self. In practice, it often isn’t that simple. There is a process of clearing the muck off the lens of perception. Which is why we have written this book. We’re here as friendly and experienced guides in your exploration, to remind you of what you are looking for, why, and how you might find it.

We’re here as friendly and experienced guides in your exploration, to remind you of what you are looking for, why, and how you might find it. We don’t expect you to simply believe what we suggest – we’re demonstrating how to check it out for yourself, in your own experience.

Our aim in our writing has been to bring a modern, fresh, experiential approach to a classic tradition. We’ve stripped away religious elements and insider language. And we’ve done this to get to the core of what you’ll find in pretty much every religion, philosophy, or personal development methodology.

Much love,
Helen and Sara x

What readers are saying...

"This book feels so different to the others I've read before - it swept me straight into real explorations where I got to grips with the important questions for myself. There's narrative and discussion of course too - all clearly written in a way that feels accessible and understandable."
"This is the best book I have ever read on awakening. Helen and Sara are brilliant guides, happy to share themselves but also get out of the way. I will be buying this book for everyone I know who studies mindfulness, breathwork or other practical forms of liberation."
"My big takeaway - I have one simple question that brings me back to me, even if just for a fraction of a moment and in that moment I have a sense of me, grounded and centred in reality and a chance to respond as my integrated self, in integrity. And that's a great start."
TCBOA is available via Amazon worldwide, using this formula: “https:.//” [country domain] “/dp/product/B0BKSCZR3Q”
The Complete Book of Awakening
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