Podcast: The Unashamedly Human Podcast with Jacquie Forde

Episode 120: "The Complete Book of Awakening" with Helen Amery and Sara Priestley

Show Notes:

This week’s podcast is a belter as we say in Scotland meaning it is a wonderful episode that I can’t recommend highly enough that you listen into…that is if you want to become more conscious, aware and less stressed by life.In this episode as I speak to the authors we are discussing their new book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and believe that you will enjoy reading it too. It is called,”The Complete Book of Awakening” and trust me its COMPLETE with lots of experiments, questions, playfulness and oodles of love and playfulness which you know I love and enjoy guiding you all towards in your quest to become Unashamedly Human.
Take a listen in and if you enjoy the podcast you can buy the book!

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