Podcast: Unlimited Potential with James Brett

Complete awakening with Helen and Sara.

Show Notes:

Here’s a beautiful exploration from late last year with Helen Amery and Sara Priestley who jointly released a wonderful book called ‘The Complete Book of Awakening’ in November 2022.

Helen is a gifted coach and writer, who runs Wild Fig Solutions and who specialises in awakening to enlightenment. She loves to work with people who already on the journey to stablise this knowing.

Sara is a teacher, writer, and coach who runs Living Life Sideways and shares a deep understanding of life, the universe and everything.

This podcast was beautiful to co-create together. It explores what is awakening? What is enlightenment? What are the implications? How we might explore these experientially and move from an intellectual understanding to embodiment.

Hope you enjoy it, I certainly did. 

(Apologies there are some sound balance issues on the Mixcloud version, and due to a tech issue, I have lost the original recording to address this, so it may mean some adjustments between the talking and music.)

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