Why should you care about an exploration of the separate self?

This is a very important question to ask

It can seem entirely pointlessIt can seem as though this is some high-thinking, philosophical exploration for the entitled few who are living in enough comfort and safety to be able to put their attention on this.

We see it quite differently. We see it as an incredibly practical and realexploration. Of course, you can, and many do, spend time in academic debates and discussions. But what we care about is more people having a lived experience of their peaceful and un-disrupted nature.

Not ‘in order to’ anything. Simply because this is what we all truly long for.

Why not test that out?

We never want you to just take our word for test it out.

Think of any circumstance in your life right now, about which you might be saying, “I'm not okay with this.”

Consider the kinds of words you might say about it right now, and the kind of action you might take, or not take.

How does that feel?

Now consider that this circumstance is still happening, and yet you feel entirely at peace within yourself.

Would seeing the circumstance from a place of deeply known peace change the kinds of words you might say, or the kinds of actions you might take, or not take?

How does that feel?

We expect that with the second example you’ve discovered a much more loving, whole-istic, considerate, adult, obvious way forward – which still doesn’t exclude really practical, engaged action.

This is all you really want. And this is why an exploration of the separate self matters to us.

Does it matter to you?

When you know deep down that your nature is peaceful and un-disrupted, you can recognise that any disruption you feel when exploring the belief in separation in Chapter Six of TCBOA, and in any circumstance of life, is really inviting you to look deeper.

Would you like to look deeper into this?

Would you like to feel the inner peace of who you are?

This inner peace is revealed when you no longer believe you’re a separate self.

Much love, Helen and Sara

PS Would you like to feel peaceful in the knowing that you’re not separate? The 5-day Momentum Builder for Awakening dives deeply into the clarity that you are not a separate self. Buy this impactful little course here. Or get it automatically included when you join as a member of the Thoughtful Raven Community


  • Helen Amery
    My work involves exploring with people who are on the awakening and enlightenment journey. They’ve already seen a lot but they can also feel that their understanding is more conceptual than felt, and lived. They can feel that there is more to be seen and understood and yet they also don’t know how to ‘get at’ that. I focus on this shift from conceptual into the deeper, felt understanding of it.

    You can find me at

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